Turnkey solutions

The Capefront Group and its subsidiaries have a global network of offices and partnerships: in Africa, Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe and South America.

Our local and international coverage allows us to understand the specific characteristics of each country and to support our clients by providing the best turnkey solutions.

The Group offers qualified experts, with a dynamic network of consultants, whose strength lies in the wide range of nationalities. As a multicultural company, we have a flexible group of consultants ready to be mobilised on many types of offshore projects.

Varied and experienced technical resources

Capefront has the resources to respond to a wide range of technical assistance requests:

  • Our managers, engineers and technicians have many specialities, both in the deep sea and in extreme climates, in all project phases: design, construction, production start-up, operation, maintenance, shutdown and decommissioning.
  • Our experienced offshore technicians, site managers, mechanics, hydraulic engineers, electricians, deckhands, riggers, positioners and DP operators bring their expertise to the laying of pipes, hoses and umbilicals, subsea cables, platforms, modules and downhole equipment.
  • Our experienced and IMCA qualified divers, dive supervisors and superintendents, pilots and ROV technicians complete the chain ensuring the successful completion of subsea oil and gas works as well as harbour and underwater civil engineering works.

Professions and specialities

Petrolis has the following specialties:

  • Marine & Subsea personnel (Flow assurance)
  • Flow assurance
  • Naval Architecture & Hull Structure Design
  • SURF (Subsea, umbilical, Riser, Flow line) Engineering
  • Offshore SURF Installation
  • Mooring and Hook up
  • Towing & Dredging
  • Rigging
  • Diving (IMCA certified)
  • Rope access (IRATA)
  • ROV pilot
  • Scaffolding
  • Crews to energy companies worldwide.