Location: South-western part of the German North Sea
Project Type: Offshore
Date: 2017

Our consultants have installed an electrical substation (built on a platform) and have provided assistance for tow and float over of platform.


The Dolwin3 project establishes a 900 megawatt (MW) direct current (DC) grid connection for wind farms in the south-western part of the German North Sea.

DolWin3 is the third grid connection project in the DolWin cluster. A high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission system line connects the offshore converter platform DolWin gamma with the corresponding onshore converter station in Dörpen/West. The offshore converter station is used to convert the alternating current (AC) generated by the connected wind farms into DC. The DC power runs via subsea and land cables to the converter station onshore, where it is re-converted into AC. This is also the grid junction point which makes the connection to the German transmission grid.

The connection is expected to be completed in 2018.